Installing a motorcycle swingarm extension involves understanding the process beforehand. Here’s how you can do the job yourself. Step 1 — Getting the Motorcycle in Position The first step in installing a motorcycle swingarm is to place the motorcycle in a convenient position. Use a jack to lift the motorcycle’s rear. Take off the lower fairing and the side to prevent them from getting damaged. Keep lifting until the rear wheel is raised off the ground. Step 2 — Strap Hook The next step in installing a motorcycle swingarm is to hook a strap to the jack’s end, take it over the motorcycle and hook the strap to the jack’s other end. Make sure the motorcycle is stable by tightening the strap. Step 3 — Rear Axle The next step is to remove the axle. Loosen the grip on the rear axle.

The Expedition Sidecar

This jack will make changing tires a snap. I only need to raise one end at a time. This jack will do the job without taking up half my garage. Bonus that the jack is extremely well made and finished and the delivery was fast and no hassle. I will recommend this solution to my friends in the HOG group.

Since Dunlop tires already come standard on virtually every Japanese-built competition off-road and motocross bike sold to the public, building a hopped-up replacement tire in order to gain a drop in the bucket of the motorcycle tire market share might seem like a waste of resources.

We have a great alternative for the bulky, often stolen factory tie-down cleat. Our Heavy Duty Tie-Down Hook is simple, effective, better looking, easier to use and is less susceptible to being stolen then the factory Nissan units. We also have an innovative Motorcycle Tire Chock to keep your front wheel in place when traveling to your favorite riding spot. Our accessories are simple to use and can be quickly repositioned on the Utilitrac with the supplied allen wrench.

We also has a bicycle fork mount and a 3rd bike extender in the works for the Utilitrac as well. Our innovative design is lighter weight, easier to use, less bulky and less apt to be stolen then the factory cleats. So whether you are looking for factory replacements, or additional tie-down points, these hooks are a must have product. The chock holds your motorcycles front wheel in place, thus preventing your wheel from turning to the side, which could cause your motorcycle to become loose and even fall over.

So get yourself a set of these chocks and have a stress free trip to your next riding adventure. Works with all size tires, from bicycles to large street tires. Well, thanks our new Strap Rack we have not only managed to rescue our wadded up pile of tie-downs from the garage floor dust monster, but we were able to spruce up our work shop in the process.

Motorcycle Tire Air Pump Review and Comparison

So far- about 12 months Still a few odds and ends- but it is together and running. Ive pretty much rebuilt this entire bike from the ground up. It came in about pieces- many of which didnt even match.

The Groove, as it’s commonly referred to, is the build-up of tire rubber and chemical products from cars going down the track that form marks and give the optimal traction for the next car. Tire rubber likes to stick to tire rubber.

Be sure to check the specs for the auto tie down that you are purchasing to haul your vehicle to ensure you choose the right car tow straps for the weight of the vehicle you will transport. Knowing where to buy car dolly straps to get the best selection and best pricing can help save you money when you source car hauling supplies. Browse our selection of car trailer tie downs, or if you have questions about our car hauling supplies our experts are ready to help at Over the Wheel Tie Downs – Over wheel tie down systems come in a range of configurations that depend on what sort of towing system you’re using – from tow dollies to flatbed trailers with tracking installed.

Dual strap side mount tire nets wrap around the tire at three points with two cargo straps. The dolly straps of this over the wheel tie down are fitted with cambuckles or ratchets that attach to the horizontal strap of the tire net with a positionable loop. The cambuckle or ratchet is then used to tension the straps and hold the vehicle securely for transport.


With a used tire changer from the large inventory available on eBay, you can save yourself time and money by performing this type of vehicle repair in the comfort of your own garage. There are several types of models available, including electronic and manual tire changers, so you want to choose a model based on a few factors. Tire changer machines do most of the work for you and many offer adjustable rim clamps to fit tires up to 39 inches in diameter, but this type of machine is typically more costly that manual options.

Most models operate on volt AC power, so you can use them with a standard outlet. A manual tire changer, on the other hand, is a more economical solution, but many models are not as large as the automatic machines and can only accommodate tires up to 16 inches in diameter. These models typically feature a stand and locking mechanism, and they run off good old elbow grease.

Tire inflation cage providing up to 20% time savings on a 4-tire ticket vs. conventional inflation process. Once the tire is mounted, simply transfer it to the EL-X, hook up the air chuck and push start.

Evans Brasfield October 15, 13 Newsflash: Lean a motorcycle over far enough in a corner and something other than those black, round, sticky things we call tires is gonna touch the ground. On the street, cruisers and some standards will run out of ground clearance at a pace attainable by mere mortals. This rider is doing everything right. Note how his foot is placed so that the peg will drag first. The anatomy of such a crash is fairly simple. The rider, startled by the sound and vibration of metal contacting pavement, instinctively stands the bike up.

Motorcycle Downshifting Techniques Target fixation is the other most common cause of running off the road after being startled by touching down. Come on, every one of us has faced the all-consuming focus on that object in front of us that… we… absolutely… do… not… want… to… hit. If we are able to recognize — in the moment — that this fear-induced brain lock is going to send us right into the object we want to avoid, then we can force our attention back to our desired path of travel.

Shinko 003A Hook Up Drag Radial Rear Motorcycle Tires

How to Tie Down a Harley to a Trailer by David Machado Placing a motorcycle on a trailer is not difficult, but proper procedures and equipment must be used to prevent damage to the motorcycle and injury to the user. Techniques are similar, although trailer styles and types may vary, and individuals tend to develop their own methods. Once a technique is learned and understood, it can be done by one person in just a few minutes.

Proper preparation of the trailer is a must.

Electric Motorcycle Conversions “Electric motorcycle conversions are here today! ” D&D Motor Systems the premier electric motorcycle motor manufacturer in the U.S. for doing a motorcycle conversion to electric motorcycle motor offers higher performance than the pancake motors that are out there. Our electric motorcycle motor has: higher torque better thermal capabilities and a.

We have the largest model selection in North America. When you pay a super low price for a product on Amazon or other online sites, generally there is no support. Should you purchase these products and then have issues, HawksHead will not be able to provide support or assistance. Different models are available for Mining and Heavy equipment that require large bore sensors. All systems offer user adjustable alarms and measure Pressure as well as Temperature to ensure such issues as dragging brakes, wheel bearing issues can be notified to the driver.

The TALON monitor for communications offers integration with Telemetry systems allowing tire pressures and temperatures to be sent to other data devices. Our products are used worldwide.

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Take your bike with you without the hassle of towing a trailer too! Call us at Just pull in your motorcycle, secure it to the caddy, spin the jack handle to raise the front end and away you go. Be sure to take your bike out of gear before you pull away. The McCaddy requires the front wheel be strapped through the spaces in the wheel, so solid front wheels will not work with this product. May not be suitable for towing drive shaft motorcycles, most scooters and other bikes like the Yamaha TW Be sure to check with your dealer and read your owner’s manual to be sure your bike will not be damaged towing in neutral.

I’ve used the Motorcycle Tire Store for all my tire changes on all three of my bikes for a couple of years now. Always good service at a reasonable price. They can even do out of the ordinary wheels like the BMW single sided hubs. Da Hook Up Crystal Point, San Antonio, TX +1 Woodward Lumber Fredericksburg Road.

One is called Driving a Sidecar Outfit There is also one that was a translation from German that has a lot more technical information, called “Riding with a Sidecar”. This was translated and is available in America This CD is entitled: I have no idea about the CD availability, although maybe someone has one that could be duplicated. I have some disagreements with a few places in some books about driving a sidecar outfit; and, with the organization, Evergreen, and its policies and methods and what I feel are some errors in content.

There is an article on my website that goes into counter-steering in depth: The licensing requirements for operating a sidecar outfit varies from State to State in the USA; and around the World. Besides licensing requirements, the way Authorities treat sidecar operators in other ways is also variable. Here are a few things of possible interest: Authorities of various sorts are not consistent in fee structures for sidecar outfits for such as toll use of bridges and the like. Many sidecars have the sidecar wheel ahead of the rear tire of the tug Harley’s and some others may have their sidecars with the axles in line with the tug.

Tolls are often based on the number of axles.

How to Make a Tire Swing!

This is compounded by the large number of “tubeless compatible” tires and rims out there that, while not being UST certified, can also work quite well. With a list of questions in hand, we reached out to Mavic’s Zack Vestal for an explanation of how the UST design works, and to clarify some rim and tire compatibility reservations that we had.

What does UST stand for, and what exactly is it? UST stands for Universal Standard Tubeless, and it refers to a very specific, two-part system consisting of the rim and the tire.

Shinko Hook-Up Drag Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire お歳暮 / お買い得 XF (海外取寄せ品):シアター 断熱シート 断熱シートは、集成マイカをシリコーン接着剤で一体化した電気絶縁性・耐熱性・断熱性を有する機械加工性に優れた断熱材です。.

Most people slow down as they approach 70 years of age. Sam Wheeler is only getting faster. And this fall he aims to be the fastest rider in the world — the first to break the mph barrier. Sam Wheeler at work rebuilding his E-Z-Hook streamliner. The well-respected LSR veteran has his sights aimed at a new motorcycle land speed record and become the first-ever rider to make a mph pass on the Bonneville salt. The other major players in the ultimate motorcycle land speed record, the Ack Attack and BUB Number 7, have each traded bragging rights as World Fastest since breaking the long-standing record of mph in — held for 16 years by Dave Campos and the Easyrider streamliner.

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We trust brands such as Carlisle tires, Dunlop motorcycle tires, Carlisle ATV tires, Carlisle Trailer Tires, Avon motorcycle tires, and many, many more of the top quality tire and accessory manufacturing companies around the world. As a CRT customer, you’ll immediately notice our extensive line of products, great pricing, and fast shipping For your convenience, we have provided extensive motorcycle tire information on this customized website.

This information can easily be found on the Motorcycle Tire Safety and Facts page of this website, and we hope this helpful tire information allows you to choose the proper motorcycle tires for your bike. Remember, it is extremely important to select the motorcycle tires that not only fit your ride, but also the terrain you plan on riding! If you’re not sure which motorcycle tires to select, always feel free to call one of our CRT specialists for assistance.

Welcome to Hankook’s global web site. We dedicate to manufacturing high quality passenger car tires, truck tires, bus tires and competition car tires.

Contained in a durable and sturdy nylon case, you will find the following: CO2 inflator that you can easily hook up to your tire gm air cartridges Tire plugs to patch over the puncture An easy to use, handy tire reamer A plug installation tool to help you with the task Miscellaneous tube patches The easy and quick way to connect CO2 cartridges pumps up the deflated tire in no time.

This is an investment you can make for your beloved bike. Usually, when you encounter a punctured tire, you would need dismounting tools to replace and repair the tire tube. This unnecessary hassle has been addressed perfectly by this kit which includes a Rasp and Split-Eye Tool. Description This allows you to plug a tubeless tire on the wheel. The Rasp tool is twisted and inserted in the needle eye which releases the plug.

The kit comes in a beautiful Vinyl Zippered Pouch and contains:


Born to Ride Perfectly sufficient but objectionally harsh over sharp bumps around town not even on the highway , is absolutely not a positive review of the rear suspension. There are plenty of bikes that are beautiful and have functional shock absorbers. Gruf Rude The foot forward, no rear suspension cruiser is just un-rideable for me.

Kernel Manufacturing’s lb ATV air over hydraulic motorcycle lift table can handle it all from scooters to choppers to side by sides to jet skis and snow mobiles. The dual function power unit allows you to hook the lift up to an air pump or simply use the hydraulic foot-pump operation to raise and lower your vehicles while the automatic.

How to Make a Tire Swing! This explains how to build a tire swing. On the surface, a simple tire with a rope would seem to be a good tire swing. After all, it worked for us when we were children. But, these days, just tying a rope to a tire is not good enough. For purchased play sets, tires are now mounted horizontally instead of vertically, and that presents an entirely set of its own challenges.

Here is how I succeeded in building my children a professional looking tire swing for half the cost! Let me note at the onset that this instructable is not a joke.

How To Install a Rear Motorcycle Tire and Wheel from 132