Protect the Boss Episode 1 Recap

Lo and behold, surprises may catch one off guard, but it never fails to delight from the unexpected. Some drama-related fun facts first: On the surface, SH is premised on both the Cinderella story and the contract marriage. There are no histrionics, a lack of big dun-dun-dun moments, no gotcha reveals, and plenty of believable and reasonable discussions that create this memorable love story. With that said, my recaps will be on the Taiwan airing schedule, which means one new episode airs every Sunday currently two episodes have aired, and both times led the ratings in its time slot. They drink their wine, but the expression of discomfort and awkwardness hovers over their every move. I never imagined that my wedding would take place under these circumstances. I never thought, with such a unbelievable wedding, that an unexpected surprise would happen during the wedding night. Yong Yong and Yun Jie make out in bed, and wake up the next morning shocked to see each other naked and in bed together. They tussle over the covers, but Yong Yong kicks him off the bed and steals the covers.

‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Charley Gets More Bad News + Aunt Vi Has Another Health Scare

So when Bravo announced that Britton, along with Eric Bana have joined an adaptation of Los Angeles Times popular podcast Dirty John, the trade-off became a no-brainer. We were gearing up for a juicy prestige drama, no less. The new series premiering Sunday, Nov. Taking place in Newport Beach, the story follows a high-end interior designer Debra Newell, who impulsively marries a handsome anesthesiologist John after eight weeks of dating.

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Later, they head up to his apartment where Jung Sun wraps Hyun Soo in a cozy blanket and makes a hot cup of tea. She asks if he remembers when she met his mother. Hyun Soo actually thinks that meeting his mother made her love him even more — somehow she is sympathetic towards her. Hyun Soo trips, she is wont to do that as Jung Sun tried to warn her, and he helps her up.

There is an eerie pallor to the scene as Jung Woo watches them from a distance. Hyun Soo struggles on her bicycle uphill with Kyung on the back. The first on the list is Ms. Next the chefs; they want to know about the hardships of training, team camaraderie, and any other tidbits of information. Jung Woo calls Hyun Soo. He wants to meet for lunch; he has something to tell her. Hyun Soo eats and waits patiently; after a while Jung Woo says that he should just get straight to the point: Jung Woo hesitates, knowing that Hyun Soo is dying to hear more.

Hyun Soo is delighted. Jung Woo suggests they take a walk.

Fremder In Toilette – German – Csm

When Susan leaves the room, Beth follows and holds a gun to her head, threatening to kill her. Susan argues that as the leader of Neolution, she is also protecting them and that she genuinely loves the clones. Beth leaves without shooting.

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Lie to Me Episode 8 Recap Posted on by ockoala Just a word of warning for you guys — for the last 10 minutes of episode 8 of Lie to Me, I just sat there and sobbed. Today we got a major game-changer, and a huge course-correction. As much as I worship their writing and always love to bounce thoughts off them, and I welcome DB-ers who want to come play here, it really hurt me to hear them criticized for that decision.

DB is their blog, and the recaps their labor of love. So try to be thoughtful and considerate of what they do, and chill it over there. When I almost dropped My Princess and 49 Days, I got considerable hate comments, mostly wondering if I have any taste in dramas. I may not have good taste, but no one can dictate my decisions to write about what moves me.


All the characters stay the same for the most part in ways that can either be aggravating or satisfying depending on how a viewer approaches this story. The ten-episode dorama was the latter for me, definitely skewing towards the satisfying less for the outcome than for the sweet journey. It also deviated so significantly from the still ongoing manga there leaves room for a different process and outcome in the original medium, though all signs point to the manga eventually ending along the same vein as the live action series.

Behind the scenes of a dating competition show for which the young producer must manipulate relationships to obtain the most dramatic and outrageous footage.

But the good news is, it is been renewed for another season! In this episode, we meet year-old Diane from Nyc and Keegan, 26, from Pennsylvania. Both just came out of 5 year long relationships and are prepared for new love. The two strip down for his or her date, which is one small part of the show that I Have never enjoyed. Diane and Keegan meet nude and the awkwardness is palpable.

Diane is intimidated by how fairly Keegan is. They discuss, assess each other out a bit and then proceed to go on their romantic spear fishing date.

Lie to Me Episode 8 Recap

Prosper asks Charley to speak on their behalf but, she declines. Ralph Angel is there as they use her home as a neutral place for visitation exchanges. Darla tells Ralph Angel that her mom Darlene is back in D.

May 07,  · That main storyline of episode 3 – Virtù e Fortuna – is a little disappointing, but the introduction of two (!) new DELOS worlds more than makes Author: Lauren O’Callaghan.

Goliath Episode 9 Recap: Season 37 continues to provide us viewers with a scrumptious assortment of tasty treats, week in and week out! Tonight was just as exciting and just as great an episode. Goliath is firing on all cylinders right now. And yes, you can expect a few more food references as we inch dangerously close to my favorite holiday. As I do at the beginning of every recap, please heed the following: It is more of a discussion and reaction of what we just witnessed together.

Like seriously, Survivor, you need to stop doing this to me! For two straight weeks now, the Tribal Council has left me fidgeting in my chair. I am a complete nervous wreck, shouting at the TV as if I am watching a football game. The season is keeping us veteran fans of the show on our toes. Not these last two weeks.

[Recap] Ode To Joy 2 Episode 7-12

The finale went out on a series ratings high of Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here.

Jun 25,  · Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo episode 12 The OTP is not seeing much action but at least one person has kept me awake in this episode – Kin-chan! If Kotoko reminds us “NO PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE BETWEEN ME AND IRIE-KUN” at the beginning of an episode one more time, I shall have to strangle someone.

In view that this drama is so popular, there is high possibility that viki. A Jia gets a promotion because she indirectly match-made Feng Teng and Shan Shan in that because of her gifts, Feng Teng has to bail Shan Shan out and because of her pies, Shan Shan is suspected of being pregnant. Shan Shan discusses her doubts with Liu Liu and Shuang Yi on her impending marriage because recently Feng Teng did not discuss it with her.

They conform her by saying because he and Feng Yue are doing the arrangements so there is no need to discuss with her. She may have wedding jitters. But she is reassured when she found out, Ah May is getting the guest list ready. When Shan Shan asks Feng Teng when is the wedding date, he tells her there is no hurry so she feels he is not keen on getting married.

Waiting for Love