Gradiometry defines extent and nature of activity with over anomalies located. Abstract During the summer of , a geophysical survey with subsequent magnetic anomaly testing was conducted in Northwest Iberia, in the province of Galicia, Spain, the most extensive evaluation of its kind to be performed on a Castro Culture hill fort with distinct Bronze and Iron Age occupations. A Geoscan Research FM36 Fluxgate Gradiometer was used successfully to measure and identify magnetic anomalies interpreted as potential archaeological features within the occupation areas. Over monopole and dipole magnetic anomalies were detected, many of which have been interpreted as representing pits, ditches, palisades, hearths and a possible corral. Subsurface testing of a promising monopole anomaly revealed a large storage pit with artifacts dating to the Castro period. New research since the s has opened up traditional discussions linking the characteristic architecture of defensive walls and round structures after which the Castro Culture was named to a warrior-elite society, to more complex interpretations related to the intensification of agriculture and corresponding increase in sedentism. These new interpretations integrate domestic and agricultural features into Castro subsistence practices, including storage pits.

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Galicia World you like to take a trip back to times of kings and feudal lords, of monasteries and ancient stone churches? Back to a fascinating world of strange religious symbols, surrounded by a halo of mystery? You will find all this in Galicia, where a legacy of first-rate Romanesque art awaits you. Real architectural gems located in magical spots that will carry you back to times gone by.

Galicia is home to a host of Romanesque style works of art. You will find many rural churches, grand cathedrals and monasteries, especially in the inland part of this northern Spanish region. There are granite monuments dating back to the Middle Ages, many of which are in a spectacular state of preservation, impressive for their sober appearance and artistic quality. They are treasures of incalculable value.

There are also a great many more modest buildings of interest, most of which are to be found in the countryside, away from the major towns, with a magical atmosphere. Locations of legend, mist and ivy, where old walls stained with damp rise up in luxuriant forests that call to mind times of the meigas witches, ever-present in the traditional culture of Galicia , monks and knights. Galicia, last stop on the Camino de Santiago St.

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Holiday Apartments Development in Cabana de Bergantinos, A Coruna 18 duplex apartments currently in construction with seaviews and beaches close by. The sale is negotiable by individual apartments 72m2 or as a whole. When Spain itself was still reasonably poor in the s, Galicia was even poorer, and now that Spain is on par with the rest of Europe and still getting better, Galicia still seems relatively worse off. Things certainly are cheaper here, though there are naturally pockets of great wealth and it is not too hard to find expensive places.

Galicia is a mythical place and has a great tradition of myths and legends. Galicians like to think of themselves as having deep Celtic roots and affinities with Ireland.

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Galicia Spain, in the lush northwestern tip of the country, has played a somewhat separate role in the history and development of Spain, with its beginning rooted in Celtic settlements. Although the city has sometimes been overlooked as a destination, travel to Galicia is becoming increasingly popular for its verdant landscapes and history. While other cities, such as the capital, Santiago de Compostela , A Coruna, and Ourense are among the largest in the region, offering a wealth of things to do , Pontevedra Spain is boasted to be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country, causing its status among tourists to grow over time.

The region of Galicia reaches back to prehistoric eras, and a number of remains and ruins that have been discovered in the area can be dated to this period. The earliest archaeological relics found in the region were those of burial sites called dolmen, which looked somewhat like small huts. The name of this region is derived from the Latin title for the Celtic tribe that once lived in the area. Throughout the ages, Galicia Spain has been conquered and ruled by several driving forces, including what was known as a castro culture during the Iron Age, the Roman Empire, the British, and the Moors, until it was finally overtaken by the reconquista and became part of modern Spain.

Pontevedra Spain is a province as well as a thriving city in the region of Galicia. Featuring a lovely ria, similar to a bay, that divides the city in half, Pontevedra is considered to be among the most picturesque cities in the country. Among the attractions of this city, visitors will find that historical and cultural monuments are the most abundant. Whether you tour the various castros, the ancient Celtic version of castles, watch for the prehistoric burial dolmen, or explore the magnificent and imposing structures of the cathedrals, monasteries, and castles of Pontevedra Spain, this region offers guests a chance to step through the vivid pages of history as it comes to life in these monumental attractions.

Spain Map Travel to Galicia offers an assortment of natural attractions and geological features known as rias, or estuaries, which are formed and dominated both by the flowing water from a river and the sea by the rise and fall of the tide. Within the estuary, there are several small islands, including the La Toja, the Isle of Arosa, Salvora, and Cortegada, each offering a unique experience, from an island vacation resort to a natural reserve to an exceptional location at the very mouth of the estuary.

Visitors who travel to Galicia will encounter one of the most abundantly thriving and historically rich landscapes of Spain.

Romanesque art in Galicia

The earliest culture to have left significant architectural traces is the Megalithic culture, which expanded along the western European coasts during the Neolithic and Calcolithic eras. Thousands of Megalithic tumuli are distributed throughout the country, but mostly along the coastal areas. Galicia was later influenced by the Bell Beaker culture. Its rich mineral deposits of tin and gold led to the development of Bronze Age metallurgy , and to the commerce of bronze and gold items all along the Atlantic coast of Western Europe.

Nov 20,  · Playa de las catedrales, Santiago de Compostela, La Coruna, Corme, Finisterre, Horreo de Carnota, Ourense. V

With time it turned into virtually separate and self-governed acre Jewish Town, a model of every East European shtetl, within the limits of the gentile city of Kazimierz. As refugees from all over Europe kept coming to find the safe haven here, its population reached 4, by To it attest also the exhibits of the Museum of Judaism at 24 Szeroka street, in the stately brick building of the Old Synagogue , dating back to the 15th century and rebuilt to Renaissance tastes in the s.

Other interesting synagogues are Isaac’s Synagogue at 25 Jakuba street 17th c. Even today pious Jews keep coming to pray at his grave and the graves of their other great men who were buried here. The cemetery was used from to Its hundreds old tombstones, dating mostly from the Renaissance, as well as its history and surroundings make the Remuh Cemetery one of Europe’s most interesting. Holocaust in Krakow In March the German war administration forced all Krakow Jews to resettle in the newly created ghetto south of the Kazimierz area.

The Nazis liquidated it only two years later on March 13, Memorial to victims of the Krakow ghetto in the form of oversized bronze chairs on the Plac Bohaterow Getta. Bustling and Lively Again Kazimierz district has become newly fashionable in the recent decade.

Noia – A coastal town

That however should not deter you. Ourense’s self named provincial capitol has a magnificent old town with many monumental buildings, both religious and civic, and an ancient bridge that spans the river Mino with sections dating back to the Roman occupation nearly years ago. The photo to the right shows a view looking across the old town of Ourense from a mirador, or viewing point on high.

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Three brothers, parents not known. He founded the monastery of San Pedro de Teberga. The name of Fruela’s wife is not known. Petrus Froilaz, Pelagius Froilaz A charter dated 19 Dec records the division of territories between “fratres et sorores filios de Monniu Ferdinandiz et de domna Geloira…Petro Monniz frater maior et domna Sancia et Iohannes Monniz…et domna Tarasia, uigaria de Tarasia uigaria paruula” [31].

Pelagius Froila armiger regis Framilani que fuit de Monnio Didaz There are two apparent difficulties with this hypothesis. She named her parents in a document of the Cathedral of Oviedo [56]. She died before her mother, who donated property for the soul of her daughter Elvira in a document of the Cathedral of Oviedo [57]. She identified her parents in her testament [62].

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Its perfectly soft and fine white sands extend for more than half a mile, and shelve gently into a clear and sparkling calm blue sea. Out to sea, you can see mysterious-looking islands that are often ringed in sea mist. Find yourself basking on a Galician beach on a hot and sunny summer’s day, and you feel as though you have hit the jackpot. While much of Spain’s shoreline is heavily built-up, the long, indented coast of the country’s far north-west corner is lined with untarnished sandy strands backed by pine woods and dunes.

The beaches can be busy in summer, but almost exclusively with Spaniards and Galicians. On our day visit to the region last August, we came across no more than a dozen other British families.

From the rolling hills to the copious waterways, the land of a thousand rivers, as Galicia is known, offers a chance to experience nature at its finest as well as a well preserved history, dating .

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Galicia (Spain)

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