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There are two living world leaders who have celebrated their Diamond Jubilee — 60 years in office. Both assumed their duties at an early age — the Queen at the age of 26 and the Aga Khan at the tender age of 20, while still an undergraduate at Harvard University. John Diefenbaker had just become prime minister of Canada. For 60 years, His Highness has been the spiritual leader of 15 million Ismailis throughout the world. His teachings emphasize human reasoning, the acceptance of racial, ethnic, cultural and intra-religious differences, and social justice. The Ismailis are the only Shia Muslim community led by a living hereditary Imam in direct descent from the Prophet. The Aga Khan is, in effect, a head of state without a geographic territory. In the past, Ismailis had a year empire in Egypt but, since the 11th century, have existed as a diaspora.

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Nusli Wadia is the child of Neville Wadia (a born Parsi who converted to Christianity and later reconverted back to Zoroastrianism) and Dina Jinnah (daughter of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who is Ismaili, and Rattanbai Petit, a born Parsi who converted to Islam).

This is a must see both for tourists and Torontonians, a collection spanning over centuries of Muslim civilizations and art from Spain to China, including among its gorgeous exhibits more than artifacts, some dating back as early as the 10th century, ceramics, books, calligraphy, metalwork, wood carvings, paintings, magnificent hand-woven rugs, illuminated copies of the Quran. Two floors of gallery space include a permanent collection as well as a temporary exhibition. This will be available until October , and is a fascinating display of Western art showcasing Eastern carpets as part of everyday life, whether covering a piece of furniture, or draped This will be available until October , and is a fascinating display of Western art showcasing Eastern carpets as part of everyday life, whether covering a piece of furniture, or draped on a chair, illuminating the painting with their rich colours.

Historically, they remind the visitors of the active history of trade between European and Muslim civilizations, and how these carpets symbolized wealth and appreciation of beauty. The exhibits of the Museum are presented in a very accessible and esthetic way, with detailed explanations in English and French showcasing the origin and history of each object; large bilingual panels on the walls explore the cultural history of Muslim art from Spain, Turkey, Iran, North Africa, and many other places.

It is an airy and clean space, with diffuse light flowing through opaque blinds, many of them pierced in characteristic patterns reminiscent of the artifacts exhibited. Fumihiko Maki, the architect of the museum, used light as his inspiration.

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Most came to Canada prior to the onset of significant radicalization of South Asian Muslims in their countries of origin. Newcomers to Canada include many Ismaili and other Shia Muslims, whose intellectual diversity is well-known. By contrast, numerous Arab, South Asian and Somali Muslims who arrived in the United States over the past two-and-a-half decades have brought with them a culture of grievance, especially against Israel and India but also against the United States itself, even though it has welcomed and assisted them.

These pathologies are, I am pleased to report, largely absent from the communities of Bosnian and Albanian Muslims that arrived in the United States during the recent Balkan wars. Dominance over American Islam by Saudi- and Pakistani-backed radical networks has rendered American Muslims confused and passive in the face of radicalism and mediocre in their religious development.

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Velshi hosted The Business News, Canada’s first prime time business news hour. CNN[ edit ] Velshi moved to the U. Reassigned to the main CNN network, he remained a business anchor and reporter posted, initially, to CNN’s early morning program, Daybreak. In , Velshi hosted 13 hour-long episodes of The Turnaround, a reality television show, during which he traveled across America, introducing small business owners who were facing challenges or seeking to grow their businesses, to high-profile mentors who helped the small business owners develop a plan for success.

Velshi joined American Morning as business correspondent in late and then again as co-anchor in

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Also during this period the three contemporary branches of Ismailism formed. Born in AH AD , he ascended as ruler at the age of eleven and was feared for his eccentricity and believed insanity. The typical religiously tolerant Fatimid Empire saw much persecution under his reign. When in AH AD his mule returned without him, soaked in blood, a religious group that was even forming in his lifetime broke off from mainstream Ismailism and refused to acknowledge his successor.

Later to be known as the Druze, they believe Al-Hakim to be the manifestation of God and the prophecized Mahdi, who would one day return and bring justice to the world. His rule was the longest of any caliph in both the Fatimid and other Islamic empires. Upon his passing away his sons, the older Nizar and the younger Al-Musta’li fought for political and spiritual control of the dynasty.

Decline of the empire In the s, the Zirids governors of North Africa under the Fatimids declared their independence from the Fatimids and their conversion to “orthodox” Sunni Islam, which led to the devastating Banu Hilal invasions. After about , the Fatimid hold on the Levant coast and parts of Syria was challenged by first Turkish invasions, then the Crusades , so that Fatimid territory shrunk until it consisted only of Egypt.

One of their earliest attempts would be taken by a Dai by the name of Hassan-i-Sabbah. Hassan-i-Sabbah would continue his Dai activities and they would climax with his taking of Alamut. Taking two years, he first converted most of the surrounding villages to Ismailism. Afterwards, he converted most of the staff to Ismailism and then took over the fortress, and presented the current leader with payment for the fortress.

aga khan museum by fumihiko maki showcases muslim heritage in toronto

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The southbound lanes, however, were flowing nicely, fast enough to emit a continuous roar that could be heard from the newly inaugurated Aga Khan Park. But as I walked along the southern perimeter of the park, with the cool granite exterior of the Aga Khan Museum to my left and the smoggy DVP to my right, a bird began to sing in one of the newly planted trees that may one day help obscure both the view and the noise of the highway.

Will the delights of this place eventually outweigh its disadvantages? Let’s hope so, because this rich museum and its gracious park bear many of the characteristics of a white elephant. The chief delight of the development is the museum’s permanent collection, a selection of historic Islamic art drawn from the family holdings of the Aga Khan, the European billionaire businessman and noted humanitarian who is the 49th hereditary leader of the Ismaili Muslim community.

The collection includes magnificent pieces of Persian ceramics dating back as early as the 10th century, a selection of fine Indian miniatures from the s and s and a few rare Asian robes that had miraculously survived for centuries, as well as illuminated copies of the Quran, decorated tiles and handwoven rugs. Story continues below advertisement The museum has good international connections and also offers first-rate temporary exhibitions: It started out last September with an impressive show of current Pakistani art that dispelled any notion this institution was not attuned to living culture.

Right now, it has a nice collection of Mughal miniatures and paintings on loan from Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum and, in June, thanks to a loan from New York’s Metropolitan Museum, it is opening a show of historical Western paintings that includes images of Asian carpets.

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